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    Returns and Cancellations

    This Returns and Cancellation Policy sets out the terms under which accepts and executes returns and cancellations of orders, and shall apply to Buyers and Suppliers. shall endeavour to facilitate timely delivery of Products and materials as per a Buyer’s order details, indicated dispatch times and terms and conditions of the supply of the Products stated by a Supplier. If a Buyer is not satisfied with a purchase, we are here to help.

    I. Clause A: Categories: ALL

    Returns of Products are accepted from Buyers,

    • If the size or the dimension of the ordered Product is not as specified in the order and is beyond tolerance limit (as per industry standard).
    • If the Products delivered are incorrect.
    • If a packed Product delivered is found tampered with.
    • If it is found that received Products are defective or malfunctioning.

    Subject to the above, when a Buyer has requested for a replacement of Product(s) and the supplier does not have a replacement the Product(s), in such cases the Supplier can agree to a refund to the Buyer and the Buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in place of a replacement.

    A replacement request should be raised by a Buyer within 24 hours of delivery, and a replacement will be done within 3-7 days' time from raising of the replacement request by the Buyer through by the Supplier. This solely depends upon the availability of the Products at Supplier's end.


    • In case of tampered Product, a replacement request should be raised in writing, on the spot at the time of delivery.
    • will schedule the process of pickup on acceptance of a Buyer’s “request for return” from the Supplier.
    • A Buyer can mail us on with the following information (within the timelines mentioned above):

    Buyer’s Order-ID

    Time of delivery of the Products

    Date of Material Receipt

    Reasons for replacement

    We will get back to you and initiate the returns procedure.

    Returns are NOT valid if:

    • A Product is used and/or is found to have been tampered with by a Buyer.
    • A Product is not properly installed or used as per manufacturer's guidelines/industry standards which resulted in damage or malfunctioning.
    • A return is not notified within time as specified.
    • A Product cannot be exchanged for another Product.
    • Partial returns / leftovers of delivered Product are not accepted.




    The supplier will bear the shipping charges for returns in case the material is eligible for returns as per the returns policy.


    • Cancellations are accepted under following circumstances
    • Ordered Products are NOT in transit / orders have NOT yet been processed by the Supplier.
    • Ordered Products are NOT customized to suit a Buyer.
    • A shipment, once arrived at a Buyer’s doorstep, cannot be cancelled for any reason other than mentioned in the return policy above.

    Partial Cancellations / Modifications:

    In case a Buyer wants to partially cancel some Products from the order placed, the same needs to be notified to the customer care of immediately and a new order has to be generated for the modified quantities.


    Cancellation/Modification requests should be Initiated before the Products is ordered / processed

    All orders are subject to acceptance by the Supplier

    II. Clause B – Variation

    Categories: Building material, Electrical, Glass & Façade, Hardware, Paints, Kitchen, Bathroom, Walls & Flooring, Landscaping Products, Building Management, Roofing, Amenities, Construction Equipment, and Escalators & Elevators.

    • For Walls, Floorings and Roofing categories, breakage up to 2% should be acceptable.
    • For Bricks, Blocks and Aggregates, breakage up to 2% should be acceptable.
    • For TMT Steel +/-0.5% by weight (per MT) should be acceptable.
    • For products like wood, veneers, tiles, marble and granites slight color variation should be acceptable.

    III. Clause C – No returns

    Categories: Carpentry, Paints, Kitchen and Walls & Flooring.

    • For products like sanitaryware, kitchenware, glass, paints, wood, granites, tiles, customized products & other fragile products.